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Inspection and Test

"Tangle Tamers Electrical Engineers Ltd were proven to be reliable, conscientious and courteous. They provided peace of mind that the work will be done accurately and in a timely manner."

James Craig
Team Leader
Telford & Wreakin Council

Tangle Tamers offer the complete range of conventional electrical inspection, testing and certification services in live mission-critical buildings.

-Hospitals, including Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations and clinical imaging facilities

-Medical and scientific research laboratories, scientific imaging facilities

-Data Centres and other installations, including standby power generation and UPS

-Large industrial premises, public buildings and commercial offices

-Discreet 3rd party inspection and test and EICR in politically difficult situations

-Diagnosis of faults in complex installations

-Diagnosis and remediation advice

-Detection and location of residual currents and earth leakage faults

-Specialised electrical tests and measurements

-Design studies and verification

Birmingham Airport

Five pumping stations had been left unfinished towards the end of the Birmingham Airport runway extension and road diversion project.  We were called in to help finish the pumping stations, providing inspection, test, remedial works and project acceleration servicesThis included documentation and providing test certification. 

Telford Ice Rink and Soft Play

Following the failure of the original M&E contractor we were engaged to provide 100% third-party inspection and test, prepare a remedial plan and carry out certain remedial works. 

We did this with the building live and operational, allowing business to continue as usual, ensuring the safety of the new electrical installation.